Things They Say

Long Story Short....

We started Arctic Wolf Design in 2017, when we realised that musicians and bands were having a hard time finding affordable, yet professional designs to help promote their music.

We originally began life as Multiple Graphic Design in 2015, but we decided to split the business down the middle, with Multiple dealing with corporate businesses design, and Arctic Wolf working with bands and musicians in the music industry. We have a great understanding of both industries, which gives us a huge advantage!

We have years of experience with dealing with musicians, and that comes down to one thing – we know how musicians think and what they want, because we are musicians ourselves, as well as designers. When our lead designer isn’t creating a awesome t-shirt, he works as a music producer under the name Arrows. In fact, this very project helped him realise how important and vital good branding is. It needs to reflect your sound, and help create a buzz for your upcoming releases. He designed all his own branding, which allowed him to get noticed on iTunes, and even have a slot on BBC Introducing!

We also work with businesses involved with the music industry, including record labels, lighting specialists, venues and clothing brands. Our corporate experience, mixed with our understanding of the music scene really makes us ideal in this area of design!

Designing within the music industry is incredibly rewarding for us, every job is different, and we get the luxury of hearing new and exciting music every time a client comes to us! So if you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate to get in contact, and we can see what we can do to help you stand out on stage!

arrows drumkit
muscoustic brouchure

Our Team

Our Process

  • Let's Discuss

    We take the time to truly listen to you and your ideas to let us get under the skin of your band. We will explore your ideas and objectives together. Dream big or take the simple route, once we are clear about what you want we will make a start on creating something outstanding for you!

  • Bring some Ideas to the Table

    We invest a lot of time researching what it is you want, which we consider time well spent. It is important that whatever we create for you is for YOU, not just what we as designers find cool. So we'll let the process evolve naturally, keeping in mind what works well within your genre and with your target audience.

  • Work our Magic

    With the research behind us we will then begin to work with you to get the right mix and tickle your taste buds. The best ideas are run past you, so you can tell us which ones you love and how this can be developed. Once you are happy we are heading in the right direction, we will develop the concept into its finished form.

  • Another Happy Customer!

    Once the design is worked, and reworked, all the hard work comes to an end, to produce the desired effect: stunning creative work that cuts through the noise, ready to impress and packing a hard punch!